Passion for powder.


It all started about a year ago. It was one of those days. The day after a big overnight dump. We got up early to go hike up and while we reached the top the sky completely opened up.

The day was perfect, with several deep pow runs. The only thing that bothered me was my jacket. It was good, but not the quality you want on those days where you are sweating like crazy when hiking up.

So I decided it was time to get myself a new jacket to fit my powder ski ambitions. The days after I visited shop after shop, and all I learned was that a powder jackets would set me back €600,- to €800,-.

A simple plan was born...
“Why not make the best powder jacket in the world affordable?”

The months after I teamed up with a group of like-minded powder-addicts. And together we started to put our 50plus years of experience in the market to work. We started making prototypes. Worked on fittings. Added features and of course a lot of testing.

Now, all we had to do is to make the jacket affordable. Which was actually easier then you would expect. By cutting away the middle men, we can offer this great jacket for a fraction of the standard retail price.

But we don’t stop there. This is the start of a company that will open up the outerwear industry.

We believe that by selling directly to you, directly to the people that share our passion, we can make way better products. We will be open for the changes you demand.

We believe companies have to be way more open.

Because if you have nothing to hide.
Why not be open about it?

So we are…

  • Open about our production
  • Open about our price build up…
  • Open about our contribution to a better world.

We believe companies can no longer hide behind big expensive advertising campaigns trying to claim something they aren't.

We’ll be open about our successes, but also open about the things we learn.
Because we are not perfect, we will make mistakes.

We have a clear mission:
"Make the best products affordable.
So we all can enjoy the best days of the season."


Martijn Jegerings - Co-Founder