Update time: Production update + expected delivery + more

Summer is over… Good! Winter has come and we understand that many of you are anxiously waiting for your Open Wear: The Open One jacket to arrive. The last few days, Chris has been in the factory in Hanoi, Vietnam, making all the final preparations, checking all the materials and testing the first production samples. So, time for a little update.

Expected delivery

Let’s start with the most urgent question:
When will my jacket arrive?

Depending on your country, this will be in the last days of December (for Europe) or in the first days of January (for the rest of the World). We are happy that we will deliver to most of you, as promised in December.

Unfortunately not before the holidays, but we needed an extra few days to guarantee the products to be of the best quality. We, for example, found that printing the custom jacket ID’s was a bit more challenging and time-consuming than expected.

This pushed back the initial shipping date a few days. But in general, we are super stoked with the state of our production so far and especially the final outcome of the Open One.

Is there still a chance of a delay?

Yes, of course, there can always be a delay, we are on a tight schedule and at the end of the year there is a peak in shipments worldwide. Which could, for example, put the products on a later flight or slow down the customs process.

The products are planned to ship out of our warehouse in Germany in the last week of December, with 1-2 shipping days for Europe & Switzerland and approx. 5 days for the rest of the world. As informed during the campaign, for Europe and Switzerland the customs duties and costs will be completely handled by us.

Production update

Chris has been checking the production in Vietnam the last few days and we are glad that everything runs very smoothly and the products are looking great! Check the photos, below this update, to get an impression of the work that’s currently going on. Chris will be back in a bit more than two weeks to do a final check on all the products before shipment.

In the meanwhile, Sympatex has tested the final production jacket in their labs on waterproofness and we are glad to say that we have passed all tests. Making sure, that all The Open Ones are perfectly equipped for the worst weather conditions. So no worries, you can get out there into the deepest powder. The jacket will keep you dry.

In a few days, we can bring some more exciting news about The Open One. So stay tuned.

What’s next?

We get lots of questions on when we will bring the next products. This is very motivating to read and feel your support to build out this project into a real company with a broader collection. We will get back to all of you on this in January. It's already running in the background, but our first and foremost focus is the successful delivery of The Open One.

The Indiegogo InDemand sales are also still running very good. We are ahead of any projection we dared to make in terms of sales. By of yesterday night, all green jackets have now been sold out and we are reaching very low stock numbers on several sizes of the black and blue jackets. This is of course great news, but we are also a bit sad that we can’t fulfil all the demand.

That’s it for today.
We’ll continue to give frequent updates from now until the delivery.
On Monday we’ll be back with the next one.

For those that have plans to go and ride powder in the next few days: have fun, but please be careful. Conditions can be very tricky.

Team Open Wear
Martijn & Chris