Backer's Talk - Janic Caduff

Janic (in the middle) with two of his friends.

Janic (in the middle) with two of his friends.

We love to work on making products. But it's for sure better to know, who we are making our products for. Each individual backer is super important for us. So we thought, let's reach out to you guys. But where to start?

We decided to reach out to Janic Caduff, our follower from day 1. Literally day 1. Just a few days into 2016 we 'launched' our community page, where we were hoping to gather some feedback and ideas. Without doing any real promotion for the page, we received our first feedback, from Janic. We send him a mail to thank him for his feedback and asked a few extra questions from our side and Janic politely answered them.

We promised to let him know when we would launch. A few week later we said. (Yeah right) Well it took us a bit longer to prepare for the launch. In April we sent out a mailing to everyone that signed up over the weeks that past and we couldn't believe it. The first one to sign up for our Super Early Bird, again Mister Caduff.

A few hours after our launch, we saw a new backer popping up on Kickstarter dashboard. You guessed it, Janic Caduff. During a Kickstarter campaign, where we as a founders, are super reliant on our close family and friends, who we have been stalking to support us. It is extra rewarding to see people, that are not related to you, but they keep on coming back to you. It is an incredible boost for our believe that we can actually change the outerwear industry. So, please meet Janic. 

Name: Janic Caduff
Age: 20
From: Ilanz, GR, Switzerland

What are your favourite snow sports?
My favourite sports is absolutely skiing. Last winter I tried telemark skiing for a few days, which is totally different, but also a nice way to ride the mountains.

Where do you usually go riding?
Starting from Ilanz we have lots of options. The best resort to ride, that is near to me, is probably Laax. Which is only about 15 minutes away by car. The other resorts near us are Brigels/Waltensburg, Obersaxen or even Disentis Mustér. I also like to go riding in Arosa/Lenzerheide, where one of my best friends has a holiday house. 

Why did you back this Kickstarter project?
I checking out Tumblr, when I first came across this project and was immediately convinced of the idea to change the outerwear industry. In my view Open Wear is a courageous project and a good alternative to other brands. One fact I really like is that the material they use for the Open One is 100% recycled and therefore eco-friendly. Nevertheless for me as a student it is great to get such a high quality Jacket for this low price.

Fun fact: Co-founder Martijn Jegerings lived for 2 winter In Laax, approx. 10km away from Janic. So they almost must have met at least once.

We are trying to reach out to more of you over the next few days. But if you would like to share your backer story with us, feel free to send us a message on Facebook or via mail.