Meet the Open One. The outerwear jacket for your powder days.

BERN/AMSTERDAM, June 27th 2016 - Outerwear start-up Open Wear launches the Open One: The jacket designed for riding powder. Made of high performance, eco-friendly materials. Functionally shaped, packed with lots of useful features and made affordable by the most open company in the outerwear industry.


“It all started about a year ago, after a whole day of hiking up mountains to ride deep powder.” says co-founder Martijn Jegerings. “We decided it was time to shake up the industry. We simply weren’t satisfied with the available outerwear and set a clear goal: Let’s make the best products for powder days affordable.”


Price advantage
The Open One is a ski/snowboard jacket that can easily compete, on terms of design and performance, with the top level products of brands like Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Norrøna and Peak Performance. However, there is one significant difference. The jacket costs only a fraction of its competitors and is now available on Kickstarter.
The reason Open Wear can offer this jacket, starting at € 249, - (+/- USD 280), is that they have completely gotten rid of the unnecessary expensive steps in the jacket delivery cycle.

By cutting out the middle men the traditional mark-up is radically reduced. Meaning Open Wear can offer the same quality for a much better price. A comparable product from another brand would easily cost you more than € 700, - (+/- USD 780).

The Open One: Available in three colours (Green, Black and Blue)

The Open One: Available in three colours (Green, Black and Blue)


Top performance & eco-friendly
But they didn’t stop there, Open Wear believes that an industry, so greatly dependent on nature, should do everything in its powers to preserve it. Therefore, they teamed up with Sympatex, incorporating the only truly eco-friendly material, that is 100% made out of recycled bottles.
This doesn’t mean a sacrifice in terms of performance. The innovative Sympatex membrane is considered to be 100% waterproof, with a water column of over 45.000mm. While at the same time being optimal breathable (RET 0.5) and 100% windproof. 
Feature Packed
On top the Open One added a full list of useful features, without compromising to the jacket’s core functionality. Besides the more standard features like YKK Aquaguard zippers, powder skirt, ventilation zippers, helmet-proof hood and easy headphone access, the jacket has lycra-cuffs that allow you to check your GPS or smart watch without taking off your gloves. 
The pockets are made to help you bring everything you need to hike up the mountain for many hours. You can quickly stack your skins into the pockets. All pockets have a loop to fix keys or other small items that usually can get lost. At the chest there is a special phone pocket which allows you to easily take out your phone, no matter how big your mitts are. At the back there is a special powder-proof ventilation. The jacket uses the Cohaesive cord lockers, best system to quickly adjust and fix the fitting of your jacket and hood, even when going down at full pace. 
Radical Openness
Besides making the best products affordable, Swiss-Dutch company Open Wear believes in being a sustainable company and therefore they promise to be open about everything. They are for example open about their production, about their pricing and about their contribution to a better world. 

Times that companies could hide behind big advertising campaigns are over. Open Wear promises to be open about their successes as well as their failures. The outerwear market deserves this openness.
So, if you want a jacket, made for the best powder days, that’s both eco-friendly as well as affordable. Go to the Open Wear Kickstarter page and support their campaign.

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Martijn Jegerings
Co-founder Open Wear