Open Wear: The Introduction into Radical Openness


Yes, from today on we will be calling ourselves: Open Wear. With Open Wear, we put a very important aspect of our company strategy into our name.

We promise to be open about everything:

  • Open about our production. 
  • Open about our pricing. 
  • Open about our decision making. 
  • But also open for input from you, the people that use our products. 

By putting this part of our DNA into the companies name, we want to make a commitment to you and ourselves, for being and staying open as a company. Because we believe the times that big brands can hide behind expensive ad campaigns to claim an image of something they aren’t, is completely over.

The transparency caused by the Internet does not only allow us brands to have open and direct communication with the people that buy and use our products, but also gives us the obligation to do so.

You deserve to know what kind of products you are buying and maybe even more important, who you are buying it from. What kind of people they are and why they are making decisions. We believe that every company, that produces on a honest and fair way, can and should be 100% open about this.

The vision of Open Wear remains the same. We believe we change the outerwear industry by delivering high quality outerwear for a very reasonable price. We believe that by cutting away unnecessary layers between us and you, the people that buy our products, we can listen better, make better products for a much better price and still produce fair and eco-friendly. 

The name change was not triggered by us. Honestly, we were really happy with PWDR Wear, but during the brand registration process, we stumbled upon the Canadian / US Snowboard clothing brand, called PWDR Room.

For us as powder-addicts, it felt kind of like when you find out your dream trip has been fully booked, just in the time you were trying to find your credit card.  

But as with everything in life. There is a sugar lining, because after a long search we found a name that's even more suiting to our goal as a company. Yes, we finally found an even better trip and this time we even managed to book it in time :) 

We went back to what we truly want to stand for and decided to put our desire for radical openness, directly into our name. Making this a commitment to last forever.

To emphasis our desire for openness, we have opened a Trello board and we have started a blog.

On the Trello board everyone can post questions, but also voice their ideas and submit product requests. It’s open for everyone to see and participate and of course you can always also email us your thoughts on:

On our blog you’ll find a honest insight into our day-to-day Open Wear life, the challenges we face and the cheerful moments we celebrate!