Stretch goals, a backer improved feature and more...


Another quick update from our side. Since we reached our funding goal, we have spend the last evenings discussing which features and colours we could make available to you, as stretch goals.

Let's first start with your requests. There were three main requests:
1) Matching powder pants
2) Women's style jacket
3) Additional colours

We plan to bring pants and a women's style, but even though we really wanted it, adding them within this campaign is unfortunately too complicated. We have two main reasons for this. 

First, we are dedicated to bringing great products. Since we didn't finish the development of pants and a women's style we are not comfortable in bringing these products now. We want to take the appropriate time to fully develop and test them. So they reach the same level as The Open One, before we bring them to you. Second, if we add them now, we believe we would have to add unrealistic stretch goals.



The good news is that we did add two colours to our stretch goals. Before we announce these colours, we'd like to ask you to get creative and help us. You can send us your favourite colours on or for those with Photoshop skills, we have made available an editable file.

Next week we will post a selection of the colours and as soon as the first colour stretch goal is unlocked, you can help pick the colour :)

Unique backer number

More good news, we want to give you something back that makes the jacket a bit more unique. We decided to add your unique backer number to the inside of the jacket as a stretch goal. That way you can always proof to all your powder friends, you helped create this jacket. 

Founding members

All backers will be named as founding member on our website. Forever. This was already obvious to us from the start, but we simply forgot to add it to the description of the jacket rewards.

We engaged into a conversation with our backer Vincent de Jong and his friend Mike Woning. They correctly pointed out that (smart)phones interfere with signals send by avalanche rescue beacons. Therefore we decided to add a print to phone pocket. Copy by Mike Woning. More on this on our website soon.

Thanks for this input guys! If you have any feedback make sure to let us know.

Finally we'd like to point out to our backers from Hongkong, Singapore and Indonesia. We were a bit overwhelmed by the amount of support from Asia. We are now looking into options to arrange shipping directly from Asia, so that way you guys will pay less shipping costs in the end. More on this later.

That's all for today!

Jella & Martijn