Thank you so much! We made our goal already! We still can't believe it.

Wow, this have been an incredible 24 hours. The launch has surpassed all our expectations. We are totally blown away by your support. Yesterday night we went to sleep being afraid, it was all just a dream. But when we woke up and it was still there. All of this because of you, our backers. We can now start to realise our dream, we are going to make the best powder jacket and you are the first ones to get it!

So far the euphoria. Some of you asked us some good questions, which will answer all today (if we haven't already) and we will update the FAQ section. Furthermore we are working on our so-called stretch goals. We have a few in mind and hope to present them to you tomorrow. One thing that we will offer for sure is that we will start adding extra colours. Which you can decide on. If you have any suggestions for stretch goals or additional features. Just let us know, as said, we are really open for your inputs.

Thank you!
Jella & Martijn
Co-founders Open Wear