The campaign is almost over! One last update before the deadline.

Only 29 more hours before we reach our Kickstarter campaign deadline. To sum it up: it's been really great to receive so much support from all of you. Thanks again for realising our dream.

A few important things, more per topic below:

  • Colour stretch goal (most likely) not achieved
  • Thursday morning you will receive a mail requesting your size and colour
  • The ventilation at the back will be skipped

Colour stretch goal (most likely) not achieved

Unless some magic will hit the campaign in the last 24h we will not make the colour stretch goal. We knew it was an optimistic goal (80.000€). We tried, but we didn't make it. So unfortunately we won't add a fourth colour yet.

However, we have been overwhelmed by the amount of feedback we received and we will definitely use your favourite colours in the development of our upcoming products.

For those who are interest, you can check the results here:
Dark Blue is the clear winner followed by Bright Green, Orange and Dark Green.

Picking your size and colour

On Thursday morning you'll receive a mail requesting your size and colour. If you can't wait to check your size. We've updated our sizing page:
Where you can either use the tool or do some self-measuring to find the perfect size.

Below can check the final colours once more:


Of course those who chose the All Black Limited Edition, will receive that one :)

The ventilation at the back will be skipped

Based on some last testings we did, we have made a tiny adjustment to the jacket. At the back we used to have an additional ventilation part. We decided to skip this, because this feature was not adding anything to the functionality. The main material is already super breathable and we have huge vent zips at the sides. 

In contrast to our first ideas, it was actually weakening the jacket and the functionality. The mesh part could let through small snow particles and the opening could cause the jacket to get stuck.

For these reasons we decided the jacket is a better powder jacket without the ventilation at the back.

That's it from us during the Kickstarter campaign.

During the production we will give you some updates from time to time.

Thank you so much for all your support!
We are excited to start the production and to deliver the powder jackets to all of you!