We got invited for Indiegogo InDemand, two free new features and more…

It’s been about three weeks since we have ended our Kickstarter campaign. Time for a little update.

Indiegogo InDemand

First of all we are super stoked to announce that we have been invited by Indiegogo for their InDemand-program. Which is a pre-order service for successful crowdfunding campaigns. Indiegogo is like Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform and since a bit more than a year they have their InDemand-program running.

Although it might sound the same, there are a few clear differences to our Kickstarter campaign. We no longer have a goal to achieve. Therefore we now focus on getting additional pre-orders. We felt we had to increase the price compared to the Kickstarter, so you guys, our backers, remain a clear advantage for the early backing of Open Wear.

During the InDemand program, The Open One can be ordered for €299,- ex shipping. Since we started the production already, we only have a limited amount available per colour and size.


Two new features

We felt it was time to give you guys two free features to the jacket. They were first planned to be incorporated in our next jackets, but we think you guys deserve two additional features :)

1) Detachable lycra powder cuffs

It has always been a dilemma. Do I want a jacket with lycra powder cuffs, protecting me from pow and coldness mid-winter? Or do I prefer it without since, spring times can get hot from time to time. Well, the dilemma can be solved. We made your lycra powder cuffs detachable. We’ve worked out a nice velcro system, which is easy to use and adds great functionality to our jacket. Plus you can now also easily switch the GPS- / Smartwatch Access from the left to the right side.

2) Belt loops added to the powder skirt

On powder days we all love a great powder skirt. Even though we are working hard on releasing Open Wear pants that’ll fit to The Open One, we do realise that still a huge of amount of you guys might still have very good pants and have no need to change. So we’ve added a simple, but genius feature to our powder skirt: Belt loops. Meaning, if you can wear a belt in your pants, you can now perfectly attach The Open One to your pants.

Photos of both features will follow soon :)

New Co-founder

Powder addict and production partner Chris Westen has upped his commitment to Open Wear and we are happy to announce he is now our new co-founder. Chris and his extensive experience are now for 100% available to Open Wear. He will be in charge of the development and production, making sure all our products will be made of environmentally friendly materials and produced according to the highest standards in terms of quality and working environments.

That’s it for today!
More updates will follow during the production process!