Backer's Talk - Paul Norheim

It's been already more than a months since we ended our Kickstarter campaign, but we are still getting great feedback from our community every day. Therefore we thought it was time to do another Backer's Talk. This time we spoke to Paul Norheim, a 21-year-old Norwegian, who has helped us a lot already so far by sorting out how we can best enter the Norwegian market.

Name: Paul Norheim
Age: 21
From: Spain/Norway (I grew up in a little town by the sea in Spain but I’m Norwegian) Hometown here is Norway is Voss where my family lives and Steigen in the North of Norway :) 

What are your favourite snow sports?

Skiing of course. I love everything from powder skiing to hardcore randonnée trips and giant slalom. There is just something about having a pair of skies under your feet. Pure magic. I also enjoy ice-climbing a lot. Not very experienced but would like to do more of it. I also love iceskating and on my spare time i enjoy going for a Norwegian run "using the cross country skies" :) 

Where do you usually go riding?

My home mountains are around the amazing town of Voss, the European extreme sports mecca. I have skied all over the place, working as a ski instructor makes you get to know the ressorts. They are not very big compared to other places like the Alps but you can find empty slopes and great off piste skiing right outside your doorstep and as much snow the eye can see.  I always feel the need to go back. Since my family lives there it's not hard to go back. If not I ride mostly all over Norway, and Europe. I lived in Chamonix for a season. It was probably my best year ever. Been to Switzerland a couple of times, Austria, Spain of course etc. My dream is to go to Japan and Alaska and maybe get to ski on the African continent.  

Why did you back this Kickstarter project?
When I saw this project there were some things that just got me. There are may great companies making great gear but I had yet to see a jacket on a budget that was powder proof and eco-friendly. I checked Open Wear out and you guys convinced me! I want to test this out! Skiing powder is the best feeling in the world, but even the pro's fall hehe. I have been covered in snow so many times, it's great but I would not mind staying dry and warm from the moment i put the skins on to the moment they go of. I am no weight-hunter so some extra grams for extra features is great :) It's also important to me to be kind towards the nature. We pollute way to much, that includes me. Why should we not buy eco friendly products? My last wish is the snow disappearing. Therefore, I think Open-Wear can have a very bright future. I want to see them succeed.