The Explanation of The Open One

It's been almost 2 months now since we've delivered The Open One. So, we thought it was time for a little video that explains every feature on the jacket. Well, at least that's what we planned...

Unfortunately, co-founder Martijn felt the pressure of shooting a video just before sunset and forgot to mention two key features of the jacket. To make sure all features are in the video, we've added them textually to the video.

Of course, such an explanatory video is rather boring to watch. So, we added a few, useless drone shots, from the Gantrisch area to make it look more interesting.

For more information about The Open One, please check the product specs page.


For optimal use of the jacket, we recommend you to regularly wash the jackets.
Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Wash your jacket with a high-performance cleaner, like Nikwax Tech Wash on 30°C.
  2. Use a PFC-free DWR wash in, like Nikwax TX.Direct to revitalize the waterproofness and breathability.
  3. Tumble dry the jacket on a slow cycle to reactivate the membrane.

Your jacket should be like new!