About colours

About one month ago we asked you what colours we should include into our new products. Time to show you the results.


We are glad to see that the three 'original' colours are still very popular and that they easily made it to the top 5 of colours for the new products. This way we can guarantee that the new products perfectly fit to The Open One jackets. 

Two new colours

As you can see we've added two new colours: Grey and Cabernet.
Among both men and women, these two colours scored particularly well.

Three stretch colours

Finally, we've selected three so-called stretch colours. Meaning that these are the first colours we would consider adding to the collection. More on this in the next update we'll send out.

We hope you are happy with the colours chosen. To us, it has been a big help and we can't wait to show you the new products soon. If you are interested in how we got to the results, read further below.

Note: The jackets displayed are only for the purpose of showing the colours, these are not our final new designs :)

Note: The jackets displayed are only for the purpose of showing the colours, these are not our final new designs :)

How did we get to these results?

Since we believe in total openness, let us take you through our decision process to get to the results above. Our colour survey consisted of three parts: gender, colour rating and favourite colour. You can check the full results here.


Our next products will be for both genders. We added this question to define if there are any differences between men and women in terms of colours preference. Plus, we use this to balance the total score between men and women. Some general numbers: In total 268 people took part in the survey. 203 men, 63 women and 2 unknown. 

Colour rating

We used these answers to calculate two outcomes. Average rating, based on an NPS calculation and we also looked at how many times a colour received the max score. This being an indication of potential buying behaviour. Of course, an important variable for us to be able to continue with Open Wear.

Favourite colour

Besides looking at all colours one by one, we also asked you to pick an all-time favourite from the list. Same as above, this gives us an indication of which colour could be interesting enough to buy.

Final ranking

Adding a stronger factor to favourite colour and equalling on gender preference the survey resulted in the following ranking. 

  1. Blue
  2. Dark Grey
  3. Cabernet
  4. Navy Blue (Blue-er)
  5. Green
  6. Black
  7. Light Blue (Bluish)
  8. Blue, like ice
  9. Orange
  10. Red (Reddish)
  11. Bright Red (More reddish)
  12. Soft Green (Greenish)

(Names as in survey)

Looking at this final ranking you might have the following questions:

- Why did Navy Blue not make the top 5?
We think Blue and Navy Blue are too similar as colours to be added to the collection. We added the navy blue to the survey to see if it would be more preferred than the blue we choose previously. Even though the colour was popular, it wasn't more popular than the original blue. So, we decided to take it out of the final colours.

- Why did Blue, like ice not make the stretch colours?
Blue, in general, is very popular. But we felt adding three shades of blue would have been too much.

- Why was Light Blue (Bluish) chosen above Navy Blue?
Navy Blue was added as a check to our original Blue. We find the colours too similar to make it into one collection.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to comment or send us a mail.