Are we truly sustainable? Part II

Last week, co-founder Chris Westen, posted an article explaining our the decisions we take in our quest to be a sustainable outerwear company. 

Now it's time for part II: Materials
Your feedback is more than welcome.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.
A well-known mantra and very applicable to our vision.

Do you really need it?

The apparel industry produces way too much stuff which we don’t even need. If that's not bad enough, the industry still tends to use toxic and harmful materials. 

As Open Wear, we don’t want to contribute to that. Of course, the best way to reduce would be if we would not produce anything at all. But, since we are passionate powder riders ourselves, we can't escape from the proper gear to ride in on powder days.

We need materials that perform outstandingly under the harshest conditions. Therefore, we decided to focus on the best materials that have the least negative impact on the environment.

When we select our material supplier partners, we look for companies that share our values. With the same focus on, and respect for nature.


Sympatex is our weapon of choice for our outerwear shell material. The 3-layer shell is 100% waterproof, optimally breathable, and 100% windproof. While Sympatex is not the only fabric with perfect functionality, the unique feature of this fabric is, that it is 100% recycled and recyclable. This reduces the need for virgin polyester, plus it won't leave any traces after the use ended. No need to fill up our landfills with unused products!


For our insulator, we set two criteria, it had to be of an outstanding quality and could not be made of animal material. Our choice: Primaloft ThermoPlume. It has all the so-beloved specs of animal down: it's lofty, soft, warm and compressible. But that's not all. Where animal down soaks up water, the ThermoPlume has a wet-weather protection, keeping its loftiness. Best of all: no animal had to be harmed to produce our down-like jacket. 


Also, the smallest details on our products have to follow our vision. We want to make sure that our trims are produced as clean and safe as possible.

We partnered up with Rudholm, the leader in the market on this. Following all regulations coming from their certifications on Oeko-tex, REACh, Bluesign, Sedex, BSCI and SAC/Higg.

We need your help!

In our continuous search for new sustainable materials, we can use your help. Together we, as a community, can collect way more information than our small team alone. So feel free to send us a message with your ideas.

We will frequently update you on our progress.
Together, we can change the outerwear industry!


About Chris Westen

Chris has more than 16 years of experience in the snow apparel industry, with an extensive supply and production network in Asia. He is a passionate snowboarder, with the drive to get the best the first. Specialist in translating ideas into final products, with a focus on innovation. Guiding the development process from sketch to final production

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