Swiss sustainable outerwear crowdfunding success

It takes 30 PET 0.5L bottles for one shell jacket and 25 bottles for a shell pants to recycle.

Bern, Switzerland - Last week, Swiss sustainable outerwear start-up, Open Wear, successfully launched their second crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. In a little over three hours, Open Wear raised its 15'000 CHF goal, needed to start-up the production for their sustainable outerwear collection. Now, a few days in the Kickstarter, Open Wear, already raised over 50’000 CHF.

“We are thrilled to see the enthusiastic reactions to our concept. says Martijn Jegerings, co-founder of Open Wear. “Being in the mountains a lot ourselves, we realised the importance of our own actions. We believe that the way we ride powder today, determines if we can still ride powder tomorrow.”

Open One Series
It started with a simple vision: Combining high functionality with ethical production, sustainable materials and honesty. The end result: a range of outerwear products, with highly functional shell jackets and pants, made of a 100% recycled PET shell fabric. As well as a versatile insulator, made of a high-performance non-animal down alternative. All products are finished with a PFC-free durable water repellency. Guaranteeing optimal functionality and sustainability. 

Direct influence
What makes Open Wear truly unique is their full transparency and the direct influence it gives to their community. No secrecy about the cost price or where and how they produce. Open Wear believes in this openness and allows its community to give direct feedback and have a direct influence on the main decisions of the brand.

“We don’t see ourselves as your typical outerwear brand, we are more a collective of passionate skiers and snowboarders, with the mutual goal to set a new transparent standard within the industry.says Chris Westen, co-founder of Open Wear. “Creating products that our friends would want to wear, has always been our main goal. And of course, we have nothing to hide for our friends. We only produce in factories with safe working facilities and fair salaries. That’s why we feel very comfortable being 100% open.” 

Sustainable, not more expensive
By setting up a direct line with their community, Open Wear can listen to make its products better. Plus it avoids the double mark-ups, that make products unnecessarily expensive in the traditional retail model. This way, Open Wear can offer a full set of sustainable outerwear products, for the price that most high-quality brands charge for a jacket alone. “We are very happy to prove that offering a sustainable alternative, doesn’t necessarily mean making it more expensive.  In contrast, we even made it more affordable.says Martijn Jegerings.

About Open Wear
Bern based outerwear label Open Wear combines high functionality with ethical production, sustainable materials and honesty. Exactly one year ago, Open Wear successfully launched their first Kickstarter campaign, bringing a functional and sustainable ski and snowboard jacket. After having collected extensive feedback from its community, Open Wear now brings the Open One Series, a whole line of sustainable outerwear products for both men and women.

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