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Community Openness

Discount points

Written by Ivar

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Today’s post is about discount points. With the coming relaunch there are some changes in the system which will be clarified in this post.

How can you earn points? 

First you need to have an Open Wear account. This way we can track your activity and the points will automatically add up. The way you can earn points is reordered. We made a few changes in the amount of points and some of the tasks were deleted because it was not efficient anymore.

Check out the point system down below.


Earn discount points

As a member of our community, you are an ambassador of Open Wear. We’d like to reward you for helping us build our community and spread the word about Open Wear.

Therefore, you can collect discount points that’ll allow you to buy products at a fixed discount price. This system will be exactly the same as in the past. The discounts have changed a little, which are now as follows:


“ As a member of our community, you are an ambassador of Open Wear. ”

Note: The buy a product earnings is one point for every euro spent. Due to changes we have to manually add these points to your account. We will add these points to your account after 50 days.

How to claim your reward

Due to our collaboration with Snowcountry (see this post for more information), claiming your discount is slightly different.

When you have collected enough points, a “claim your reward” button will appear on your account page in the right bottom corner. By clicking this button you let Snowcountry know that you want to order an Open Wear product with your earned discount. They will send you a discount code within 24 hours on business days that you can redeem in their webshop. This way we can continue to build our community.

Together we can change the industry!






Love the idea!
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