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The explanation of The Open One

Written by Martijn Jegerings

In this picture: Co-founder Martijn explaining The Open One

After we delivered The Open One, our first jacket, we thought it was time to do a quick run through all the features of The Open One.

We put co-founder Martijn Jegerings in front of a camera in the beautiful Gantrisch Naturpark, the backyard of the Open Wear office in Bern, and let him quickly explain all the best parts. Martijn got so enthusiastic that he even forgot to mention two important features. To make sure the video includes all the important information, we've added textual notes to the video.

To make the video a bit more interesting, we've added a few useless drone-shots.

The Open One was realized with the help of 201 backers on Kickstarter in the summer of 2016.


I felt in love with ur design guys! Products & communication is stunning. Too bad to discover ur brand only now! Keep on going


I wish there was more info about the R&D process in their fabrics and products. This are great jackets but you're competing with brands that have decades and decades of research, tech and data...


Hi David, thanks for your question. Yes we could dive a bit deeper into the fabrics, but like all other brands, we also 'just' buy our fabrics and the fabric R&D is done by the fabric manufacturers. What we do is to field test the different options and pick the best ones on performance and sustainability :)
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