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Introducing X-PORE, our new outerwear shell material

Written by Timon

10mm rain

Introducing X-PORE, our new outerwear shell material

As Open-wear we are constantly looking for developments in sustainability, quality and openness. While developing our new products, we found a material that shares this vision. X-pore is our new weapon of choice for our outerwear shell material.

Xpore’s solvent-free manufacturing process has been widely acclaimed for its environmentally friendly credentials. These include high-tech membrane manufacturing and lamination technologies as well as the outer and lining fabrics. Their lamination process is done in their own factories and managed according to the “5R Principles” which stands for: Replace, Refine, Redesign, Reduce & Recycle.

Best breathability

Exceptional breathability that keeps you dry and comfortable when you’re on the move.

All-round performance

With durable waterproof, windproof, lightweight and fast-drying benefits, their technology provides the best coverage for maximum performance. Compared to our previous products, X-pore provides a stronger and more flexible material that fits all your adventures in the mountains.


“ X-pore is our new weapon of choice for our outerwear shell material. ”


X-pore is a bluesign® system partner. The use of bluesign® approved chemical products and materials increases the safety of products along the supply chain. This advances our commitment to reducing the textile industry’s impact on people and the environment by ensuring responsible use of resources while providing high-performance products.

Environment first

Our 100% PFC-free materials are produced with completely solvent-free processes.





Together with X-pore and the Open-wear community, we want to contribute to a sustainable future with high-performance products. That’s why your feedback is more than welcome. Feel free to comment below. Together, we can change the outerwear industry!

For more information about X-pore, visit their website or see the sustainability catalog.

Website Xpore

Sustainability catalog Xpore

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