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How to manage university and skiing

Written by Flurina Bieger

In this picture: Flurina Hill taking advantage of the deep snowpack and hiking for lines that normally fill in much later in the season.

Photo by: Angelo Brack
Disentis, Switzerland

Follow these pieces of advice and you might get even more ski out of your studies.

As students, we already are privileged to design our own schedules. So we can log in as many days on skis as possible.

1) Laying your courses on four instead of five days of the week. Giving you one bonus ski day.

2) Plan ahead: When selecting the courses, pay attention to assessment criteria and test dates. You might want to finish most of your courses already by Christmas.

3) Get your priorities straight: Do you need good grades for you or your future dream job? How important are the single subjects for your degree? Identify the less important ones to have more time to go skiing.

4) Maximise your efficiency: Every minute saved on cooking/travelling and so on equals more skiing. Go for quick meals that can be stored, like spaghetti or ramen.

5) Cut time on the après: When you’re skiing instead of studying, don’t be tempted by a few cold après-ski beers – studying afterwards will be hard and not efficient… Trust us 😉

6) Make a schedule and stick to it. Set the first alarm at the time to wake-up. A second one to stop skiing and a third to start studying. Remember: Two hours in the morning is often more than enough to get all those first tracks and leaves you enough time to focus on your studies.

7) Caffeine is key. Always keep your level high. Or try some ginger shots with lemon juice.

Here's how a day looks when Flurina Hill & Andri Bieger hit the slopes, and the books.


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Very relatable article!! I try to manage it by teaching during some of the peak weeks in the season
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