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Meet the Factory – Pro Sports, Hanoi Vietnam

Written by Chris Westen

In this picture: The finishing touch

Established: 2007

Employees: 3.100
Hanoi, Vietnam

Open Wear co-founder Chris Westen and the Pro Sports owners go way back in time.

During his time at O’Neill, Chris believed in the vision of ethical and sustainable production that Pro Sports stands for. He decided to help and fill up their capacity.

Producing high-quality outerwear in an ethical and fair way has always been the thing Pro Sports believes in. This was a new way of thinking and always strives to be on the leading edge of product development and innovation in new technologies.

Back in 2007, the company started with just a few employees, but over the last years it has grown and now has two production facilities around Hanoi and the headquarter in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Pro Sports uses the latest technologies to help create some of the most advanced outerwear in the industry. Their workmanship and expertise helped create the first Open Wear product: The Open One.

They constantly strive to promote corporate social responsibility by improving lives within and outside the company, and this helps to infuse these values into the work ethic to stay continuously keep everyone motivated and inspired.

“ Pro Sports helped create the first Open Wear product: The Open One. ”

On this map: Pro Sports
15th Floor, LILAMA 10 Tower, To Huu Street, Trung Van Ward, South Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam



transparency is key :)




One more reason to visit Vietnam! ;)
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