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New products on the way!

Written by Ivar


We know, it has been too long… But we know something more… 

Today we can happily announce that our new product line will be available this winter! After months of research, designing, and testing the improved Open One series is finally being made!

Not only have our products improved, but also our company structure has changed. This way we can ensure better products, better service and a more independent way of working. All this work will help us achieving our mission:

To create a transparent and sustainable future for the outerwear industry. Together, we can save our passion for generations to come!

Trust us, we’ll explain everything we did and bring 100% openness to you! All products, improvements, and stories that we’ve made will be shared with you in the coming weeks. 

Stay tuned and make sure to check out all the upcoming news!


very cool, looking forward to your release
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