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The Open Wear Open One Series Explained

Written by Martijn Jegerings

In this video: Lead Designer Tara Latham explains the Open One Series.

The clothing industry is the number two environmental polluter. Therefore, we choose sustainability as the forefront of what we do.

In this video, lead designer Tara Latham explains how we built our products, from the ground up, thinking about the environmental sustainability of each product, from every level.

We started with the Open One, last year's Kickstarter success jacket, and built a product line around it. The result: a full kit for both men and women. 3L Shell Jacket and Pants, made of fully recycled and recyclable 3L Sympatex outer shell material and an Insulator Jacket filled with non-animal down, by Primaloft.


Would be really keen to hear/read about the tech in fabrics used.. guessing that's part of your secret ;)




Thanks Thomas! :)


This almost sounds too good to be true! Love the jackets, would like some more color options! Oh and why not branch out into gloves? Would like to see your approach to some good gloves and mittens.


Thanks for the nice words Niek. We are working on some brand new colours as we speak. (Ssshhhht, don't tell anyone). Also, the addition of new products is something we are looking at. But I must admit that gloves are not (yet) among our top priorities. We mainly struggle there a bit with finding the right material, so we decided to shift our focus for now.
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