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How it all started – The Open One Kickstarter

Written by Martijn Jegerings

In this picture: The Kickstarter video, June 2016.

It was mid-summer back in 2016. Not the moment you'd expect a new outerwear brand to launch.

But that didn't stop us from introducing The Open One.

The first high quality, fully recycled and recyclable outerwear jacket, made in an ethical factory, under the best working conditions.

Months of preparations came together. All we could do after the launch was to sit back, wait and see. Hoping we could hit our €15.000,- goal.

There he was, backer #1. Cees Koole, from Amsterdam. Only 98.3% to go. In the following hours backers came in one after the other. Within 12 hours we reached our goal. We funded The Open One.

It was going to happen. We would start up our first Open Wear production. The 29 days that followed brought the total to €51.829. Pledged by 201 backers, our all-time heroes and founding members.

The months after pre-orders kept on coming in on our IndieGoGo InDemand page and by the end of December we shipped out the first 300 Open Wear products.



Por algun lado se tiene que empezar. Admiro mucho a gente como ustedes que se mandan a hacer algo con todo!


Ich weiß nicht genau ob ich ganz schwarz oder doch etwas rot mit rein nehmen soll :-D
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