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The new faces of Open Wear!

Written by Ivar


You all know Chris and Martijn. Since 2018 Snowcountry has been a partner of Open Wear and helped out by selling the clothing on their website. Now they took it further and are official owners of Open Wear. But who are the people from Snowcountry which helped Open Wear at first and now bring Open Wear back to life?

The founders of Snowcountry are Dennis van de Pol and Thijs de Jong, based in the Netherlands. We already made a community post about them, click here to read more. 

That’s not all, there are now two more people who are involved in the progress of making Open Wear a success. Meet Timon van Middendorp and Ivar Nagel.

Ivar finished his study of entrepreneurship and retail management and made a thesis about the positioning of Open Wear. Ivar started working for Open Wear as a Brand Manager in june 2022. 

‘My name is Ivar. I always enjoyed the amazing views on the mountain in the right gear. Snowcountry showed me the great world of skiing and snowboarding in a new way and now as an online marketeer I work for Open Wear as brand manager. I knew Open Wear because of the community and the openness which was given about the whole brand and production. The sustainability of the products really inspired me to dive into sustainability and see what’s more possible! My goal is to enlarge Open Wear and make the brand as transparent and sustainable as possible!’


Timon has joined the team for his expertise in product design and his passion for sustainable quality products.

Hey, I’m Timon. When I first discovered Open Wear during their kickstarter campaign, I immediately became a fan. As a designer, especially when it comes to sustainability, you look at products differently. It’s not just about the materials, the production, or the aesthetics. It is about the “raison d’être”. Why do people want and need this product? I think Open Wear is a great example of how businesses can and should be in the future.’


Together, with you as a community we can create the best sustainable outerwear and change the industry!

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