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We are back online!

Written by Martijn Jegerings

Summer is over!
Bern, Switzerland

After a long period of silence, we are finally back with some very good news!

As of today, we are super happy to announce that the Open Wear products are back online again, thanks to a new collaboration with

So for those who don’t want to read more about this partnership. Head over to Snowcountry to SHOP NOW.


As we announced back in March, we hit some serious bumps along the path in our pursuit to grow Open Wear.

Now we are happy to announce a partnership with, one of Europe’s key online shops for freeride gear. 

Thanks to this new partnership, we can now rely on the expertise and infrastructure has been building up over the last 11 years. Which we believe to be a solid foundation for new growth. 

What does this mean? For the moment this means that Open Wear products can be ordered via Snowcountry

Next steps?

The focus for the coming months, this winter season, will be on the Free One and Open One Series products we had and gather further feedback from you, our community.

During the coming months, we’ll discuss with Snowcountry how we can further grow the brand and our partnership. More information will follow as soon as we know more.


So who are these helping angels?

Dennis & Thijs started Snowcountry back on October 1st, 2008. The reason?

Back then, many of the products we found in the Alps or on the internet were not for sale in our flat country or on the internet.

With Snowcountry, they focus on the passionate skiers and snowboarders spending their time searching for powder, pulling tricks in the park and climbing high mountains far away from the slopes.

Thijs riding powder in Switzerland.

Dennis, always keen to give you the perfect setup.

Always on the hunt for powder.

Dennis & Thijs at the office and showroom of Snowcountry.

Thijs riding powder in Switzerland.

“ So who are these helping angels? ”

Chris not able to hide his excitement

Dennis van de Pol

Dennis has a background as ski- and board instructor (Landes Ski- and Snowboard-instructor).

In the last years, he spent most of his days searching for powder in the Alps, Scandinavia, North and South America.

Thijs de Jong

Somewhere at the beginning of this century, Thijs came in contact with a group of Dutch freeskiers trough which triggered his addiction to (free)skiing.

A few years later he spent two seasons as a ski-bum in Haute-Nendaz (Verbier). There he spent his days climbing the highest mountains searching for the best powder far-away from the slopes.

Thijs has also been a test skier for White Freeski magazine and during the summer and autumn, he works on his freestyle skills at Freestyle Holland.


That’s it for now!
Hibernation-mode off!
Let’s go!

Chris & Martijn
Founders Open Wear


Waiting for the new clothes...when will they be up online?


Our whole family of six passionate skiers is waiting for two years now, to buy Open Wear-Outfits.... always out of stock and even in Snowcountry there are only small sizes and not every colour. Searching there every two weeks round about since your post. Will now find another Outfit - too bad ?


Summer is startin... but this are the best summer news to me... can't wait to see you back on track...
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