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Openness From a vision to crowdfunded, award-winning products

The Open One Series, crowdfunded by an incredible group of backers, turned into actual products. Now...

Factories Meet the Factory – Pro Sports, Hanoi Vietnam

Open Wear co-founder Chris Westen and the Pro Sports owners go way back in time.

Openness Time for some serious openness

It’s been several months since we’ve delivered all The Open Ones. In the following weeks we got over...

Openness The who, what, why and how of
Openness Are we truly sustainable? Part II
Factories Meet the Factory – Maxport Limited, Hanoi Vietnam

In over twenty years of development since its founding in 1995, our partner, Maxport has grown into...

Openness Are we truly sustainable? Part I

We believe in a sustainable future for the outerwear industry and we are trying our best to do what...