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It all started about a year ago, after a whole day of hiking up mountains to ride deep powder. We weren’t satisfied with the available outerwear and set a clear goal: Let’s make the best products for powder days affordable.
— Martijn Jegerings - Co-founder Open Wear

It started all in June 2016 on Kickstarter


If you have nothing to hide... Why not be open about it?
That's why we are fully transparent about where we produce and how are price has been built up.
We are so committed to openness, that we even put it into our name.


Same quality. Better price. By selling directly to you, we can offer the best outerwear for an affordable price. That's all. No magic. No nasty deals. Just honestly good products.

This is how we can deliver the same quality for less.


We are proud about our cooperation with the manufacturers. That's why we are 100% open about where we produce. 

Our journey