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About us Start new season!
About us Open Wear is officially live!

Today is a great day! As a collective of passionate skiers and snowboarders we proudly announce the...

Product The unique size chart of Open Wear

Today’s post is all about the new sizes of Open Wear. The designed sizes are one of a kind in the ou...

Openness The Open One Part II

The Open One 3L Jacket is the ultimate freeride jacket. The Open One Series is specially designed wi...

Product Maintaining Your Open Wear X-pore Garment
Launching tomorrow!

We finally arrived at the top of the mountain! Today is the day before we are launching our newest l...

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Launch information!

It’s time to inform our community with great news! The products almost arrive and we are practically...

Factories Xpore business case
Openness Discount points

Did you know you can get rewarded just by being a part of our community? Find out right here!

General update

The feeling when you are almost at the top… We can’t wait to get back to the top of the mountain aga...

Product Women products update

We are already in the process of developing a new Open One series exclusively designed for women.