The mission.

We wanted to create the - in our eyes - best powder jacket in the world. We set a few requirements when we started:

  • Keep the snow out: Add length to the jacket.
  • Freedom to move: Design the sleeves so they'll always cover your full arms, no matter what sick moves you make on the mountain.
  • Mitt proof: Make sure you can adjust and open everything, even when wearing big mitts. 
  • Respect nature: Go 100% eco-friendly.
  • Respect people: Make sure that the conditions in the factory are way above industry standards.
The Open One was designed with one simple goal:
Ride deep powder.

The overview.

The details.


- When performance meets sustainability

The Open One is made of an unique fabric, developed by German fabric technology company Sympatex. It is made 100% of recycled PET-bottles and offers extremely high functionality.

The Sympatex membrane easily keeps up with the top end of the industry. Guaranteeing to keep you dry and protected, even during the most extreme conditions.

The Membrane.

the Zippers.

- Water-resistant. Strong. Durable.

We have chosen for the YKK Aquaguard zippers, because they are the best in the industry.

Keeping you and your pockets dry. The zippers are extremely strong and durable. Making sure you will always be able to easily open your jacket and safely store your belongings.


360 view of The Open One - Black

the Cord lockers.

- Fast. Simple. Adjust. One Hand.

The five Cohaesive cord lockers to make sure

  • you can adjust the jacket
  • with one hand
  • during a snow stom
  • while you're riding down
  • while wearing your deep winter mitts.

How it works:

  • To adjust: Pull the cord.
  • To release: Push the Cohaesive part.

the Helmet proof hood.

- Ride safely. Ride comfortable.

Whatever terrain you are cruising, safety always comes first. That's why we designed the hood to fit your helmet perfectly.

The three Cohaesive cord lockers let you quickly adjust the hood to the right fitting.

The hood contains an integrated RECCO® system.


the RECCO® reflector.

- Be searchable

In the hood we've built in an integrated RECCO® reflector. Check the video to see how the RECCO® technology works.

DISCLAIMER: RECCO® technology does not prevent avalanches or guarantee the survival or localisation of a victim or lost person. Knowledge and common sense are the best ways to avoid accidents. Always respect safety rules and regulations. Read more.

RECCO TECHNOLOGY® is not a substitute for an avalanche transceiver.

Always wear a beacon when going into the backcountry.

The pockets.

- Bring everything you need on your journey

The Open One has five pockets on the outside and one big inside pocket. This way you can easily bring all the necessary on your journey.

Keep your skins warm in the front pockets. Keep a bottle of water close. All pockets have a handy elastic loop to secure your keys, wallet or other valuable belongings. 

The right front pocket has a handy phone pocket to keep your phone safe in your pocket and easily accessible when wearing gloves.



THE GPS WatCH Access.

- Find your own path

Technology has become an important factor in mountaineering. So why would you want to take off your gloves to see your GPS?

You can even take away the entire lycra cuffs for the warmer spring days.

THE powder skirt.

- Keep the pow where it should be

Ride deep powder without worrying about powder getting under your jacket. The powder skirts has connector loops to fit any pants to the jacket and a belt connector, to lock your jacket to your pants with your belt.

In spring you can of course detach the powder skirt the let the fresh wind flow through your jacket.



THE Ventilation.

- Fresh air to keep you going

The warmest days can be the best of the season. We love spring conditions, so The Open One has ventilation zips that guarantee maximal cooling down on the warmer days.

THE Tracker Pocket.

- Never loose your jacket

The lower front pocket has a special little inner pocket to store your Tile tracker*. With this bluetooth tracker you can always find your precious powder jacket back.

*Tile tracker can be bought separately. 


THE Open Pricing.

We are 100% committed to radical openness. You can check the pie chart to get full insights in our cost price.

Click the chart for cost specification. The VAT has been calculated based on the final selling price of €389,-. Some costs are based on estimation.


Main fabric
Sympatex Technologies - Germany

Sympatex Technologies - Hong Kong

YYK - Japan

Rundholm - China
Nifco - Taiwan
Other - Locally sourced

Locally sourced

RECCO® - Hong Kong
Cohaesive - Canada

Pro Sports - Vietnam

The Open Production.

As Open Wear we believe in true transparency and openness. That's why we share our price built-up as well as our production sites. Have a look at the images below, taken at, the manufacturer of The Open One, Pro Sports Vietnam, during our factory visits. 

Open Wear co-founder Chris and Pro Sports owner go way back. They have done many productions since the start of Pro Sports.

In 2007, Pro Sports took the first step in the Vietnam’s garment industry as a woven garment manufacturer, specialising in technical, fashion and casual outerwear.  The company started with few employees and today, it has grown to 2000 employees in operation at the capital of Vietnam.


Pro Sports - Vietnam
THe Factory Updates.