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Meet the Factory – Maxport Limited, Hanoi Vietnam

Written by Chris Westen

In this picture: Factory or forest

Established: 1995

Employees: 4.400
Hanoi, Vietnam

In over twenty years of development since its founding in 1995, our partner, Maxport has grown into a major manufacturer.

Producing for the world’s leading sports performance brands, they have built up trust through its practice of putting top priority on quality and technology. With Maxport, we have a reliable and sustainable partner for the production of our products.

Finding ways to improve working conditions is a constant priority for Maxport. They believe that a strong healthy working environment directly translates into the products they create.

Maxport Limited’s factories are built around the concept of nature.

Large glass doors and windows are used to utilize the natural sunlight along with thousands of plants and trees surrounding the facilities to create a relaxing tropical atmosphere.

Each factory has a garden that provides the lunches made for the workers and staff. The healthy working environment creates an atmosphere that we enjoyed during our factory visits.

In this picture: Chris visiting inspecting the Open One Series,

Maxport continuously strives to develop new technologies that can be applied to a range of products. Attention to detail, highly skilled technicians, ability to problem solve and encouragement of creativity has resulted in one of the leading R&D departments for over 10 years.

To create an optimal working environment Maxport arranges several benefits and securities to its workers.

Eight working hours per day, with max. one hour overtime per day allowed.

Each worker benefits from a social, health and unemployment insurance as well as a personal 24/7 accident insurance. Furthermore, they can get a free yearly health check, follow weekly yoga classes and follow a training package to improve their English, management and overall skills.

Each woman has five paid-leave days for prenatal check-ups, as well as six months maternity leave and day-care allowance. Next to that, Maxport organises and donates to multiple charity events, which can also be arranged by employees.

Each of our products has a unique product number.

Safe and healthy working conditions are a priority for us.

We can imagine working here… You?

Maxport is built around a green concept.

It’s like you are in the middle of a tropical forest. While being actually in the middle of Hanoi.

The former government building has been renovated and turned into a pleasant working environment.

Physical exercise is an important way to prevent health problems.

Cooperation is the key to success.

Sometimes Chris pretends to know how one should handle the machines.

It takes true craftsmanship to create technical outerwear.

When a concept turns into a product.

Each of our products has a unique product number.

“ Each factory has a garden that provides the lunches made for the workers and staff. ”

On this map: Maxport Limited
No 88 Ha Dinh street, Thanh Xuan District Hanoi, Vietnam



Would be a nice place for some career change work experience! ;)
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