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The story so far

Written by Martijn Jegerings

In this picture: Hiking up the Allalin
Saas-Fee, Switzerland

It all started, a few hours after a challenging ski tour, back in January 2016.

Just after the tour with the father of his girlfriend, founder Martijn, suffering from a combination of a lack of stamina, skills and proper outerwear, had to unwillingly admit that it was time to invest in new outerwear.

While at the local ski store to find his new ski touring outerwear set, Martijn was realizing that the products he wanted would set him back 2000,- CHF, mainly caused by double mark-ups.

That moment a few ‘What if…-s’ struck him.
What if – We start a small community, of passionate skiers and snowboarders, and start to make the best products more affordable?
What if – We make products out of the highest performance and sustainable materials? We can save some margin by selling it directly to our community.
What if – We only produce at factories that treat their workers in a fair and ethical way?
What if – We show our community everything we do? We have nothing to hide. Maybe they can even help us make the best decisions?

In this picture: The Open One

In the days and weeks that followed, Martijn started sharing the idea with his friends and family. More and more people got interested and involved. The early signs of a community started to show.

A former work colleague introduced Martijn to Chris, who later became the second founder. In Jakarta, Indonesia, Chris was running a partnership for outerwear production.

A few Skype calls later, Chris and Martijn had their hands on the first prototype. It was not exactly how they wanted it to be. But it was a start. A few adjustments and weeks later a new prototype was ready to be presented to the world.

In the meanwhile, a few months had passed. So it was the beginning of June. Only the glaciers still had a bit of snow left.

Martijn reached out to some friends to shoot the video, and a few days later the Kickstarter video was ready. The product was ready. Time to go live.

On June 27th at 12:00h Chris and Martijn pushed the go-live button, not knowing it would only take 12 hours to reach their €15.000,- goal. The Open One would be taken into production.

The campaign continued another 29 days, raising a total of €51.829,- before moving on the IndieGoGo InDemand. A young community of founding members was born.

Before winter arrived the Open One was sold out. More than 300 happy backers started the winter of 2016-17 riding in the first Open Wear jackets.

Their feedback was great! The Open One had turned into a big success and even got nominated for the ISPO BRANDNEW. Motivated by this, Chris and Martijn sat down together and decided it was time to go all-in.


In this video: Open Wear presents the Open One Series

“ What started as a "What if" had turned into a sustainable outerwear brand ”

They got Tara Latham, the former designer of among others Arc’teryx and Black Diamond, on board to develop the first product range around the Open One.

So, it happened that in the summer of 2017, a second successful Kickstarter campaign was launched. This time bringing six products to the market. The Open One Series: a 3L Shell set with suiting insulator jacket, for both men and women. Totaling a bit more than 90,000 CHF in pledges.

What started as a “What if” had turned into a sustainable outerwear brand. Supported by a strong community of passionate skiers and snowboarders.


More outdoors with a purpose and not just sales! awesome story guys!


Do you know when the new products will be launched ?


We'll send an update next week :)


I'm hoping to rock this outerwear this season if L gets available again. I'm just not sure what color I should chose :)


@Julian, yes you should definitely rock the Open One this season! We are working on a new production run. Make sure to keep on following us. More news should be launched in a few weeks.
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