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The brand new Open One II colors

Written by Ivar

6mm rain

It’s finally time to announce the colors of The Open One II! Last year it was up to you, the community, to vote for the new colors you would want to wear on your next adventure. And your wish is our command. 

As Open Wear we want to put an end to fast fashion. A major impact on the climate is not only the products that are produced and worn, but in particular also the products that are produced, but not sold and worn.

For this reason, Open Wear will not release a completely new line every year. Quality products remain relevant. Of course we continue to develop and innovate, but only at a healthy pace. We only want to produce what the community wants. This allows us to minimize overproduction.

That’s why we’ve chosen colors that you want to wear. And wow, lucky you’ve got taste! We proudly present our most beautiful colors to date. Together we can change the industry!

The Open One II line is produced in the next five colors:

Stretch Limo(Black)

Poppy Seed(Grey)

Blue Mirage(Blue)


Dark Ivy(Green)

“ That's why we've chosen colors that you want to wear. And wow, lucky you’ve got taste! ”


Why these names? The names are called by the color code, every color has its unique name and number and we took the actual Pantone names to create transparency in which colors we produced.



We can’t wait to see all these colors on the mountain this winter! 

What’s your favorite color? Let us know!


Nice colors!
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